Online Guitar Tuner Half Step Down

Quickly tune down your guitar – mobile phone ready

OK, let’s tune down half a step. Start with the E-string (the thickest string). If you tune down half step from the note E, you will have the note Eb. That’s why half step down tuning is also called Eb-tuning. If you want to tune even deeper, use the Online Guitar Tuner Drop D. To get back to the standard tuning use the Online Guitar Tuner Standard. It works for electric guitars as well as acoustic guitars.

For beginners it might be easier to use the graphic version further down this site. Everybody else can just click the respective audio files. The audio player is HTML5 and plays back on mobile phones.

Low E-string tuned half step down - Eb
After you tuned down the low E-string, proceed with the A-string…

A-string half step down - Ab


D-string half step down - Db


G-string half step down - Gb


B-string half step down: Bb


Finally, the high e-string. Almost done.

High e-string half step down: eb



Half step down tuning your 7-string guitar

OK, in order to tune your 7-string guitar down a half step, you need one additional note for the low B-string…here it is:

The low B-string tuned a half step down: Bb


Online Guitar Tuner Half Step Down


Play the reference note on the Online Tuner Half Step Down by clicking on the tuning head that says Eb. The note you will hear is what the E-string is supposed to sound like after you successfully tuned a half step down. Every note is played 4 times.

Now pluck the E-string of your guitar. Start tuning your E-string down by carefully turning the tuning head. If the two notes seem to match, don’t stop, but instead tune down a little bit further, until the note coming from your guitar is a little deeper than the one from the computer. Now, start tuning up as slow as possible until the two notes match. Then proceed with the A-string.

Online Guitar Tuner Half Step Down


It is generally recommended to tune up to a note, rather than to tune down to it, so that there is no residual tension on the string. The string will be less prone to detune itself, when you tune the rest of the strings. I do that with the utmost concentration and I grip the tuning machine super-tight, so I can really make a minimal movement.
Sometimes a tuning head will be kind of loose and rattly, especially on cheaper guitars. If you down tune half a step, it can become really hard to hit the note just right. Even rattly tuning heads have a point where they ‘grip’. If you are careful, you will get there eventually.

In case this doesn’t work, there are ways to tune down with no tuner at all. This might come in handy.