About me

I have been playing guitar for almost 30 years now. My style is mostly Progressive Hardrock and Metal and some Jazz. Well, more Metal than Jazz actually. I started playing classical guitar as a kid and when I was old enough to decide I dropped the classical guitar lessons and switched to electric guitar. I then took Jazz lessons. But the real thing was playing some heavy stuff with the gain cranked to ten and my guitar tune down half a step.

Over the years I played in several bands, gave guitar lessons and worked as a guitar tech and built guitars for a large guitar manufacturer. I simply love everything guitar and kicking a screaming solo is one those things that just never gets old! I would both tune down a half step for the effects on sound and playability.

Why make a website dedicated to tuning a half step down? Well, I currently own over 30 guitars, many of which are tuned a half step down. Over the years I have set up, fixed and – most importantly – played so many guitars, that feel I want to share some of that experience with fellow musicians, who might be in need of some quick info about choosing the right string gauge, or simply want to use the guitar tuner half step down to quickly tune up…I mean: down.

Happy downtuning!